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Radio is still an important medium in the music industry. Unlike common belief, radio is relevant and significant in the music industry. It benefits both artists and listeners within the radio signal or broadcasting range.

Although the music industry has evolved and changed over the years, radio continues to relay music. It has adapted and changed over the years to keep up with revolutions in the music industry.

We’re Beyond The Dawn Radio or BTD Radio, an independent radio station airing Indies music and Indies shows.  We’re also known by our “Beyond The Dawn Show” that started more than six years ago. T Dawn is the personality behind this popular show.

The BTD Show has grown over the years and gained a huge listening base. As a result, we decided to take it a notch higher and start a radio station that airs 24/7.


Beyond The Dawn Studios allows artists to establish and grow their careers and positions in the music industry. We offer artists a great potential for exposure in the local music industry.

Studies show that radio is a leading reach platform in comparison to other media platforms. Unlike PC, TV, tablet and smartphone use, 93% of people listen to AM/FM radio.

Moreover, 93% of generation Z listen to radio shows for at least 10 hours on a weekly basis. Beyond The Dawn Studios offer flexibility, convenience and familiarity for our listeners. We also present distinct opportunities to local artists, allowing them to reach a wider audience.

People tune to our radio station because they enjoy listening to familiar music we play daily. In turn, we create a ready-made setting for exposing our audience to new radio shows of similar genres.

Big Role In Music Media

  • We take time to carefully curate shows that resonate with our audience. This differentiates Beyond The Dawn Studios from playlists that have been randomly put together and posted on Soundcloud or Spotify. We continue to play a big role in the local and international world of music media.


  • Moreover, our shows are branded and well-marketed to ensure every artists we feature stand out from the rest. According to a recent study, a high segment of consumers who listen to internet radio also engage in social media activities.


  • Therefore, relaying shows through our radio station further creates awareness and provides an alternative for listeners to engage with their favorite artists.


  • Beyond The Dawn Studios uses branded show images, well-curated content, a consistent schedule for delivery and some marketing to develop our radio shows. We help local artists get their songs heard in a saturated world of music.


  • We play a significant role in the local music industry. We assist new artists to get established and discovered. They also remain in the limelight to further grow their careers. As a result, we also expose our audience to new music, merchandise sales, driving album and fill concert venues.


  • At Beyond The Dawn Studios, we air top local and international music to keep our audience engaged and entertained all day long. We’re your go-to local radio station for great hits. Artists also get exposed to a larger audience.

Radio Is The Connection

Today, radio is a tool of exclusivity, exposure and curation, representing a type of connection. Listeners and artists have lots of opportunities to explore with radio technology and what shows offer.

Radio is a popular platform for music discovery. With emergence of new devices and technologies, new discovery methods are invented. Radio stations also access new ways to deliver content, especially through streaming.

According to 37% of people who listen to music over the radio, DJ’s make listening to traditional radio enjoyable. DJ’s also add to the enjoyment of listening to music over radio.

Stream Quality Content

New technologies are continuously being developed, making it easy to produce and share music. As a result, the music industry has become saturated like never before. Therefore, it’s extremely difficult for artists to get their music out there.

Our shows create various ways for artists to be noticed because not everyone can be aired. We only feature artists of a caliber that’s suitable for our audience. This ensures that we only stream quality content for sustainable listenership for both artists and our radio station.

Offer Marketing Services


Beyond The Dawn Studios also offers branding, curation and marketing services to help businesses and artists to develop credibility in the industry.

We help artists target a specific audience regularly through the quality shows that we curate and deliver consistently. This helps them develop brand integrity in the music industry.

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