About Us

Welcome to Beyond The Dawn Studios!

What We Do

Beyond The Dawn Studios is a local radio station that airs local music. We feature top hits and upcoming artists to help them establish their careers. Artists are also able to reach a wider audience through radio station.

We offer endless entertainment for our audience, all day long. Our shows also lets you interact with your favorite artists.

Also known as BTD Radio, we’re Beyond The Dawn Studios. Our independent radio station plays indie shows and music to our audience. Our “Beyond The Dawn Show” by T Dawn that started over six years ago is what most people relate to us.

Airs 24/7

Our BTD Show gained a huge audience over the years. And, we transitioned into a radio station that airs 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Our radio station took off after becoming successful. And, we continue to soar higher than we ever imagined. Beyond The Dawn Studio now has a full programming schedule with fabulous shows such as Criditcal Podcast, A Walk on the Dark Side, It Came from the Radio and Cox Music Show, among others.

Rise In Streaming

Based on the 2017 Nielsen Entertainment report, the rise in streaming continued throughout that year. It topped all music consumption forms such as tracks, albums and on-demand audio streaming equivalents.

Streaming surpassed downloads as the 2017 dominant platform for music consumption. As a result, the general volume of growth of the music industry rose by 12.5% from one year to the next. Unlike in 2016, on-demand audio streams increased by 58.7%.

Wider Audience

Moreover, web platforms and the Internet today make it easy to reach an even wider audience in different geographical locations worldwide.

DJ’s and artists also have access to weekly exposure to different geographical locations or territories they can visit only once a year to play live music.

At Beyond The Dawn Studios, we also offer exclusivity.

Opportunity For Artists

We broadcast several shows to keep our audience engaged and entertained. Artists get a great opportunity to be aired and discovered through our shows. They reach a larger audience while our listeners access endless entertainment.

Music Show And Podcasts

Over the years, we’ve enjoyed great success. We pride in our full programming schedule and range of shows that include A Walk on the Dark Side, Cox Music Show, Criditcal Podcast, It Came from the Radio, and more.

Great Chance For Artist

With our many shows, artists get a great chance to be discovered and gain a large fan base. However, we only play songs from artists of a caliber that suits our audience.

Listening Experience

Whether you’ve listened to our shows before or not, you’re guaranteed a listening experience like no other. Tune in to our radio station for your favorite shows anytime, anywhere.

Our Mission


The mission of Beyond The Dawn Studios is to get local artists exposed and our audiences entertained. We continuously play top indie music hits that suit our listener base.

Our Vision


Our aim is to reach a larger viewership that traverses the world. We’re working hard to become a leading indie radio station worldwide.

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